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NFL Draft: What the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles need

2016nfldraftlogoThe NFL Draft gets underway in about an hour, and let me just say I can’t wait. Not because I’m such a draftnik, but because the deluge of pre-draft talk that dominates sports talk at this time of year is often nothing more than meaningless blather.

Everyone wants to make predictions about what each team is going to do in the first round, whom they are going to select. The sources behind the predictions provide a level of certainty that makes it seem like what the reporters are hearing is a done deal.

Then something happens on draft night no one expected, reducing the source’s scoop to scrap.

Case in point, recent reports surrounding what the New York Giants will do at No. 10 overall. Yesterday, sources told Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News there is a “strong chance” the Giants will draft a linebacker at that spot. Specifically, Georgia’s Leonard Floyd.

Great. The Giants undoubtedly need a linebacker. Welcome, Leonard!

Then, from a different New York Daily News reporter this morning:

Based on these reports, the Giants will probably choose a defensive back in Round 1.

If reporters from the same news outlet in the team’s backyard can’t get on the same page, why should we put stock into any of the rumors we hear during draft season? Let’s just get on with the show already.

Oh. I guess I’ve buried the lede six feet under here, but the real point of this post is to get you to read something I wrote Wednesday for the Redskins team site Breaking Burgundy. The article has very little to do with the Redskins. Rather, it’s my last-minute assumptions of what positions and players the three other teams in the NFC East will  be targeting over the next three days. There’s no actual reporting I’m swearing by. Just a lot of educated guesses.

And if you are interested in knowing what the Redskins might do during the draft, click literally any other link on Breaking Burgundy.

Enjoy the NFL Draft, if that’s your thing. If Ezekiel Elliot’s wardrobe is any clue, it should be an interesting show.

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