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Noah Syndergaard hammers two home runs

002fgrksThor does it all. As Vin Scully brought up during his Wednesday night broadcast between the Mets and Dodgers, Thor is the god of thunder, lightning, storms, strength, fertility, healing, hallowing, the protection of mankind and … oak trees? 

Baseball’s Thor, Noah Syndergaard, must have been super pissed after serving up two home runs to the Dodgers given that he had allowed just one in his previous 38.1 innings.

But that’s OK, because Syndergaard did what he usually does on the mound otherwise and must have felt compelled to do something about those home runs, so he hit two of his own. And yes, I used the spanish announcer calls because Vin Scully wasn’t available.

Obviously, using “hammers” in the headline here is a cheap pun that everyone is using today. But there was nothing cheap about either of those shots. Look at that second one again, especially. A slider on the outside half that he barrels out to left-center? Syndergaard’s pitching repetroire isn’t the only unfair aspect of his baseball talents, apparently.

Syndergaard became the first pitcher since 2007 to hit two homers in a game. That pitcher was Micah Owings, who was always a better hitter than pitcher. In 205 career MLB at-bats, he recorded nine home runs and OPS’ed .813.

The last Mets pitcher to double up with the longball? Walt Terrell in 1983. I always love it when random players who have been completely forgotten for 20-plus years pop up in these conversations.

Also, in case you’re not keeping track, the Atlanta Braves have nine home runs this season. Mets pitchers have three, all of which have come in the past week.

The man who started this power surge will be on the mound for the Mets tonight, Bartolo Colon. I’ll be at the game, and I will be so giddy if Bartolo can go deep in consecutive starts. But if he homers — or even makes solid contact — off of Clayton Kershaw … I don’t even know. Baseball is really weird, but that’s straight gonzo.

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