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The Angels were *this close* to having a Rally Cat

mlbf_688810883_th_45I am a cat person. Not to be confused with a crazy cat person, but cats are better than dogs. I grew up with a few of each, and cats, while obviously being more independent and self-sufficient, can be just as loving. If you disagree with that last sentence, you haven’t found the right cat for you, but they are out there and are absolutely the best.

On Thursday night, two of my greatest loves, cats and baseball, collided and almost formed a beautiful long-term relationship.

In the bottom of the fourth inning at Angel Stadium, a cat — I’ll call it an orange tabby, although I’m sure a true feline aficionado can correct me — dashed across the middle of the infield during the Cardinals-Angels game. And this being a 2016 Angels game, a cat on the field is the usually the most exciting non-Trout play of the night.


But this was no ordinary night. The Cards and Angels slugged it out until a nearly four-hour affair ended in St. Louis’ favor, 12-10. The Angels’ TV broadcasters said repeatedly during the game that if the Angels were able to win this one, that cat had to become the franchise’s unofficial mascot. Which would have been fine by everyone, since the Rally Monkey’s best days occurred when “Gettin Jiggy Wit It” was nesting in your brain.

Alas, Los Angeles’ comeback attempt in the ninth fell short, and I assume this will be forgotten shortly. Maybe some PR intern will come up with a funny campaign using the cat, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The cat, which is apparently one of a few strays that live in and around the park, seems to be getting its chance at a happy ending:

I would take it in if I could, especially because you know what happens to those animals if they don’t find a home soon, right? Actually, let’s not think about that.

Viva the Cat-lifornia Angels!

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