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Presenting the last word on Rougned Odor vs. Jose Bautista


More action than any recent Floyd Mayweather fight

I’m so late to this party, the cake is stale and the only person left in the room is the janitor sweeping up the streamers and balloons. So let me just hit you with some bullet-point opinions about baseball’s Fight of the Century.

  • For me, seeing this type of baseball fight — a true rarity compared to those from days gone by — is sort of like passing a massive car crash on the freeway. I don’t get any intrinsic enjoyment out of the sight, yet I can’t take my eyes off of it because the curiosity is overwhelming. Baseball fights, unlike some car crashes, are wholly avoidable, and it’s rather ridiculous that the level of hatred can reach such high levels. But in the moment, that was some compelling.
  • A few Blue Jays said after the game that the Rangers acted cowardly by hitting Bautista in what was likely his final at bat of the season series between the two teams. That sounds like a lot of sour grapes. The Rangers felt the need to retaliate for what happened during last year’s postseason — All of this over a bat flip? Really? — and they did so at a time that left the Blue Jays with little to no time for payback. That’s not cowardly, that’s called picking your spots. And then Toronto lost the actual fight. The Rangers basically got the best of their playground nemesis on the last day before summer break. Smart. All Toronto could do was hit Prince Fielder in the thigh with a pitch. Ooooh, that’ll show ’em. Not like Prince has a lot of meat on his legs to cushion that blow or anything.
  • Please let these teams meet in the playoffs again. Please let these teams meet in the playoffs again. Please let this teams meet in the playoffs again …   
  • No player or team was “right” in this matter, but Rougned Odor was the No. 1 jerk by far. Not just because of his push-punch combination, but as Jose Bautista is sliding into second base, Odor clearly drops down and attempts to either nail Bautista with the ball or his fist. If you can stand to watch it again, just look at how the throw comes out of his hand. Yeah, Bautista slides in illegally, but he didn’t really contact Odor much before the throw, and that ball almost went into right field. Odor had no intentions of completing the double play.
  • With that said, Odor is a Texas Rangers legend for life (assuming he doesn’t torment the Rangers with another team or disparage the franchise in the future). Clips of that punch will be shown around Globe Life Park and the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years. He’s basically the newest personification of “Don’t Mess with Texas.” He is right up there with Nolan Ryan, Ivan Rodriguez and Cordell Walker. Who knew his first name was Cordell?
  • Major League Baseball obviously said publicly that it doesn’t condone this violence. However, if that’s completely honest, I don’t think this would have been this lead story — with numerous replays of the fight — on every show that aired on its own network for the following two days. Plus, you know that photos of this thing will find itself on MLB-licensed material in the future. Fighting is bad, mmmkay? But the league won’t turn down the extra attention.
  • I’m surprised there weren’t heavier suspensions and more in total. Bautista gets just one game while Jesse Chavez gets three? Maybe Joe Torre felt Joey Bats had taken enough punishment already. Elvis Andrus had to sit for a game while Kevin Pillar did not. And Josh Donaldson gets only a fine? That seems inconsistent with the video.
  • To anyone who thought the brawl would piss off the Blue Jays or fire up the Rangers, both of these teams were swept in their next series. Toronto got thrashed by Tampa Bay at home, and Texas had a forgetful few days in Oakland. So much for those narratives that were all over the place on Sunday and Monday.

Weird, wild, wacky stuff. Fortunately, baseball went back to normal on Tuesday when real baseball fight took place.

Look at that fake machismo and all of that wasted energy from the bullpen pitchers! That’s how you do it, boys.

  1. May 20, 2016 at 12:55 am

    No way the Rangers make the playoffs with that weak lineup.

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