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The inevitable NBA Finals post-Game 7 talking points

June 19, 2016 1 comment


Everyone is pumped for tonight’s Game 7 between the Cavaliers and Warriors, as well they should be. Besides an NBA championship, there are legacies for the players and the teams, both short-term and long-term, on the line.

One game shouldn’t define a player or a team, at least not while that game is fresh in our minds. Everyone falls prey to recency bias. Time is the best way to determine whether or not something is the greatest. The problem with time, however, is that it takes its sweet damn time, and nobody wants to wait that long for a clear picture to develop, so let’s just make a bunch of declarations now, OK? 

That is how sports talk works. You need to present opinions on the impact of a just-completed event and its space in history immediately. This is a corrupt way of judging something, but it’s the world we live in. And for this series specifically, there are very clear questions that will be asked about each team and some of its players no matter who comes out victorious.

While I have no idea what will happen on the court in Oakland, the chatter subjects in the minutes, hours and days following the final buzzer — barring the occurrence of some non-basketball-related event during the game, like an alien invasion — are pretty obvious. I’ll cover those topics now and give you my take so you don’t have to waste your time listening to others debate these issues after the fact.  

If the Warriors win …

Is this the greatest team in NBA history? 

On a single-season basis, I think so. Best record and winning percentage of all time. Although they were pushed to the brink in two playoff series, that shouldn’t weigh as heavy as the credit earned for ultimately winning against tough opponents. This team has shown its mettle in the playoffs. That should be commended. They annihilated the competition in the regular season, posted the second-longest winning streak in NBA history (dating back to 2014-15) as well as the association’s longest winning streak to open a season. They did it with purely sublime shooting, perhaps the best we’ve ever seen. 

Are these Warriors, 2014-present, the greatest team in NBA history?

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Running Blog For Rangers vs. Cardinals, Game 7 Of The 2011 World Series

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

The last time we witnessed a Game 7 in the World Series, this happened

I’ll get to tonight’s game in a minute. But first, this:

Grad school sucks.

There, I said it.

That’s just misplaced frustration. Actually, I’ve really enjoyed my first couple of months at Cal State Northridge. It’s just that … well … it’s taken up a lot of my blog time. Or, to be more specific, all of my blog time. No longer can I afford to just sit at home all day and watch sports — which should be everyone’s goal in life. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m on campus for about nine hours, mostly in the library, and get home around 11 p.m. Every other day, I’m reading a whole bunch of stuff that’s less than enthralling.

I don’t mean to set the decorations for this pity party; I’m just saying that’s where I’ve been and why I’ve been gone from here for so long.

But tonight, I’ve got to make an escape. Everyone should. After the most dramatic-crazy-sloppy game in baseball history, it all comes down to one. A Game 7, winner-take-all. The winner will be showered with praise. The loser will be taunted and booed until its city’s throat is sore. It can’t possibly top what happened last night, can it? I say we find out together!

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